Address: 293, Bd Moulay Ismael, Casabanca
Phone: +212 522 94 63 25

Welcome Message from the president

Since its creation in 2002, the Food Bank has been providing support to the poorest people. It pursues its original mission of recovering food and redistributing it to the most vulnerable people through a network of partner associations. The Food Bank uses food aid as a driving force for social reinsertion and to fight against exclusion.

In order to counter the school dropout rate of girls in rural areas, the Food Bank supports thirty residential centers for girls. In addition to distributing non-perishable food and hygiene products the Food Bank provides furniture for the dormitories. As of today, close to 13.000 girls and 5.200 boys have been able to continue high school thanks to this contribution.

In the past few years, the Food Bank has expanded its action to the rehabilitation of schools in rural areas.

I would like to thank the numerous donors, both firms and individuals, as well as our volunteers, without whom these actions would not have been possible. Their help, their confidence and their mobilization have enabled the Food Bank to play an active role in the process of change.

Naziha Belkeziz